Account Information

  • Your payment and correspondence addresses have changed. Please begin using this new information to send/make payments and to correspond with MOHELA.
  • Your account number has not changed and will be included in your transfer notification letter.
  • Paperless enrollment from your previous servicer will not transfer. Sign up for Go Paperless today.
  • Correspondence received by your previous servicer will be forwarded to MOHELA until 30 days after the transfer.
  • Active deferment and repayment plans should remain active until the scheduled end date or until we are notified of a change.
  • Set up your online account! Manage your account by creating a new account. This process takes just a few minutes and establishes a secure way to manage your account online.
  • Consumer credit reporting agencies will be notified of the transfer by MOHELA within approximately 60-90 days and account activity is scheduled to be reported monthly thereafter.
  • You may qualify for a variety of repayment plans or forgiveness options.