What to Expect

  • The account transfer may take up to two weeks. Once it is complete, we will send a transfer notification letter including payment/contact information and the list of transferred loans.
  • Your previous servicer will forward correspondence to MOHELA for 30 days following the transfer.
  • Auto Debit participants (including Automatic Payment Withdrawals and eDraft) don't need to reapply. Your information will transfer from your previous servicer and continue as scheduled.
  • Active deferment and repayment plans should remain active until the scheduled end date or until we are notified of a change.
  • If you have an active forbearance ending in the future, we may attempt to contact you regarding available repayment options to assist with repaying your student loan debt.
  • You may qualify for a variety of repayment plans or forgiveness options.

Actions You May Need to Take

  • If applicable, make the changes necessary to direct your federal student loan payments and correspondence to MOHELA using MOHELA’s contact information listed below. Your account number will remain the same.
  • Create your MOHELA online account, update your contact information, make payments, enroll in paperless correspondence delivery and sign up for text and email notifications.
  • Update your address book or phone to include MOHELA’s contact information.
  • If you weren't signed up for Auto Debit at your previous servicer and want to begin receiving a .25% interest rate reduction - create an online account, log in and enroll in Auto Debit under "Payment Assistance" once all of your loan information is available.

Transfer Communication Steps*

  1. Preliminary notice of pending transfer (email and letter)
  2. Notice that transfer has begun (email)
    At this time, borrower can begin creating online account, updating contact information, enroll paperless correspondence delivery, text and email notifications, and making payments over the phone
  3. Notice that transfer is complete (email and letter)
    At this time, borrower can begin making payments on the website, enroll in Auto Debit, can view and make changes to account

*Borrower will be sent communication if they have valid mailing and/or email address on file