Your Department of Education loan has recently been transferred to MOHELA for servicing. We have answers to what are some important questions you likely have.


  • I was notified that my payment is late but I submitted my payment to my former loan servicer. Will my late payment be reported to credit agencies?

    Payments made to your previous servicer are expected to be forwarded within approximately 30 days. MOHELA will post the payment after receipt, with the effective date that your previous servicer received the payment. Meanwhile, if your account becomes past due, please contact MOHELA for other options while your payment is being forwarded. The payment will then be applied to your monthly bill according to the effective date your previous servicer received the payment.

  • Will I be charged a late fee if MOHELA doesn’t receive my first payment on time during the transfer?

    No, you will not be charged a late fee due to delayed payment during the transfer as long as your payment has an effective date your previous servicer received the payment by your payment date. To avoid future late payments, sign up for the Auto Debit Program (.25% interest reduction) or make sure your Online or Third-Party Bill Payments (such as those through a bank) are updated after the transfer to reflect the new payment address. Your account number will remain the same.

    New Payment Address:

    Department of Education
    P.O. BOX 105347
    Atlanta, GA 30348-5347

We look forward to providing you with excellent service. If you have questions about MOHELA as your new servicer, we’re here to help!